Hafod Wen



What Our Guests Love To Do


Cycle Through Town: Many of our guests enjoy bringing a couple of bikes with them, and riding through the town and, for those with the will, up along the single track roads mapping the area

A Visit to the Castle: As one of the most prominent landmarks for miles around, Harlech castle is truly worth a visit

Portmeirion: A little Italian village in Wales, Portmeirion is famous for its beauty and yearly Festival No.6. Enjoy a stroll through the town and gardens, or stop off at Castell Deudraeth for food

Golfing / Fishing: With the Royal St.Davids golf course just minutes away from Hafod Wen, and a number of high quality fishing spots in the area, Harlech is an ideal location to get outside and enjoy a little sport, weather permitting!

Zip World: A 25 minute drive from Hafod Wen, Zip World in Blaenau provides an experience for almost everyone, from zip lines to Bounce Below and Zip World Caverns.


Food and Drink


The Cornerstone of any Great


Cemlyn: A tea room with an emphasis on tea, Cemlyn is know for its wide variety of loose leaf tea, including their own blends of Breakfast and Traditional Afternoon. 

Llew Glas: Situated on the cobbled courtyard of the Blue Lion Square, Llew Glas is a quirky little café serving up good coffee, and delicious cakes

Castle Cafe: The sister café to the Llew Glas, you will find amazing views of the castle and North towards Snowdon here, with large glass walls for uninterrupted views

Hufenfa'r Castell: An ice cream shop with a difference. Here you'll find an array of truly homemade ice cream - you won't find many places that keep their own hives for the honey 

As.Is: A new addition to Harlech, AsIs is an Italian inspired bistro adjacent to Harlech castle, and is the winner of a 2017 Princes Trust Enterprise Award

The Castle Cottage: This 5 star luxury restaurant boasts an array of awards, and has been a constant entry in the Good Food Guide for the last 25 years.

The Castle Bistro: Another new addition to Harlech, the Bistro offers great, homemade food at good value

Tapas at the Castle: Sitting with one of the best views of the castle, Tapas at the Castle serve up a variety of tapas style dishes




The Hafod Wen Experience


Enjoy the Gardens: With over 8 Acres of private gardens, perhaps one of our favourite ways to relax is to explore the gardens, and enjoy the views from our 'Lookout' points

Yoga on the Green: Why not try your hand at a little yoga on the bowling green to start the day off right

A Game of Bowls in the Sunset: Another favourite of ours, why not take advantage of the stunning views and enjoy a little light hearted competition!

Dolphin Spotting: Suitable for all ages, and can be played from almost any room in the Hafod Wen House or Cottage.

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